Bus Rental Service at Bookabus Vietnam

Vietnam has an extensive network of buses that reach the far-flung corners of the country. Modern buses, operated by myriad companies, run on all the main highways. Out in the sticks expect uncomfortable local services.

Most travelers never visit a Vietnamese bus station at all, preferring to stick to the convenient, tourist-friendly open-tour bus network.

Whichever class of bus you’re on, bus travel in Vietnam is never speedy – plan on just 50km/h on major routes, perhaps 60km/h on Highway – due to the sheer number of motorbikes, trucks, pedestrians and random animals competing for space.

Bus rentals are a great way to move a large group of people safely and efficiently. It often makes more sense than carpooling, renting cars, or requiring everyone to figure out their own methods of transportation. It removes the hassle of trying to navigate driving on top of arranging a trip, and can make traveling the least of your worries.

In general, there are two major types bus hire services: Charter Bus Rental and Shuttle Bus Rental. Charter bus rentals are great for long trips or nights out on the town, while shuttle buses are your best bet when you are just focusing on getting from point A to point B.

Charter Bus Rental

• Charter buses provide transportation on extended trips, lasting a day or more. Generally speaking, charter buses tend to be more comfortable, offering amenities like personal air conditioning, reclining seats, and entertainment like DVD players.
• When you book a charter bus, you will supply them with an itinerary, where you are planning on traveling so that they can offer you their rates – whether is a flat fee or per mile. Use a charter bus for moving large groups of people for occasions like tours, wine tasting, or for field trips.
• In Vietnam, we provide 45 seater buses, 29 seater mini buses and 17 seater limousine buses to meet the requirements of this service.

Shuttle Bus Rental

• Shuttle buses are used as their title implies—shuttling between places. You rent a shuttle bus when you are moving large groups of people from one place to another where transportation is your only objective. For instance, you can shuttle people to and from the airport, convention centers, and events like parties or dinners.

Bookabus Vietnam is a private charter bus service and solutions company collaborating with domestic bus providers to expand market opportunities while offering up more options for the end user. Collectively, we have at our disposal a pool of bus providers committing a sizable fleet amounting to approximately hundreds of buses of various capacities ranging from 7 seaters to 45 seaters (Includes: Coach & Bus, Mini bus, Van, Limousine Van, Limousine Mini bus) that are available to meet our customer’s diverse requirements.

For covering point to point bus hire, block booking, long distance transportation, shuttle bus rentals as well as long term daily commute. We provide these services follow: