Limousine 17 seater buses

The limousines bus refurbished and repaired from cramped 29 seater bus (Samco, Fuso) to spacious luxury limousine bus with premium leather seats, soundproof walls separating cabins with chauffeur, equipped with mini bar, LCD screen, stereo, the system automatic doors, working desks, Wi-Fi, 3G system.

Apparently, limousine bus looks like its origins. However, entire their interior had been completely changed to achieve the most comfortable and luxurious. Surely, limousine bus will be ideal choice for business travelers, families and those who promote the comfort, privacy and luxury at extremely reasonable prices.

If you prefer less seater with the same facilities, you can check out our limousine 9 seater vans.

Limousine bus rental serving availability
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ha Noi, Vietnam
Da Nang, Vietnam

Limousine bus facilities:
LCD screen
High quality audio system
The system automatic doors
Working desks
Wi-Fi 3G system
First-aid kit & umbrellas cabinet
Leather seats with seat-belt
220v Power outlet & wine cabinet


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17 people & 17 check-in luggages
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17 x
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